• Establish a business in India
  • Outsource basic business management

Discover new horizons for your business with Online Managers help. We can help establish your company in India and meet all of the necessary government requirements that go into getting the job done. Whether it’s completing the necessary incorporation documents or setting up bank accounts, Online Managers can get your business venture off on the right foot. We’ll also act as your official agent for the initial, and vital, first year for any business.

Take your business international. Online Managers can help establish both your company and a foothold to meet the growing demand for goods and services from India’s growing middle class.

We can help you meet India’s business setup requirements, from company registration to handling the banking formalities. We’ll also ensure your business’ books are maintained by qualified professionals.

As a part of doing business with Online Managers, we’ll act as your official agent – the party responsible for receiving and sending official paperwork – for the first year. We’ll also organize and file all forms associated with your business’ incorporation for the initial 12 months.

  • For private limited company: $750 (one time) + actual government and incidental fees
  • For public limited company: $1,500 (one time) + actual government and incidental fees
  • Fees for acting as company’s official agent: $50 per month