• Stock inventory in the United States, Canada, or India.
  • Receive one free incoming resupply per month.
  • Ship up to 20 times a month at no extra cost.

Store your inventory close to your customers in three countries (USA, Canada, India). Online Managers offers it's clients packages for warehouse space as well as order filling services. Getting products out the door and on their way to customers. Warehouse space is available in 1,000 cubic feet increments in the USA, Canada, and India. Online order filling services can usually be done the same day a customer makes a purchase.

You’ve received your first order. Now what?

Getting goods out the door in a timely manner is essential for repeat business, Online Managers can help make it happen. We offer order filling services that can get goods from our warehouses in the US, Canada and India into your customers’ hands.

Warehouse space is essential to any retail business. Online Managers can give you access to reasonably-priced space in three countries on two different continents for your Internet-based store at www.ePlaza.us. Limit the import/export fees you pay for your goods with warehouse space in the US, Canada and India.

We offer warehousing in 1,000 cubic foot increments and regular access to your inventory, including one restocking shipment per month into the location and 20 shipments per month from the site as part of the monthly management fee. Orders can usually be filled the same day you receive them.

Depending on the plan you select, we can also help you with distribution in the US, Canada, and India.

Warehousing and distribution Gold Gold Plus Gold Global
Warehouse space (measured in feet) 10x10x10 10x10x10 20x10x10
Number of countries (Canada or USA) 1 2 2
Includes India     *
Cost per additional 1,000 cubic feet $150 $150 $150
Number of free shipments per month 1 in/20 out 1 in/20 out 1 in/20 out
Cost per additional incoming shipment $200 $200 $200
Cost per additional outgoing shipment $10 $10 $10
Distribution in Canada and USA   * *
Distribution in India     *