• We can setup and manage your online store.
  • One stop solutions for setting up your online store and website hosting.
  • Complete online store setup, promotion and customer support.
  • Manage your online store right from your computer for free.

With the help of Online Managers you can create an online presence for your business. Online Managers is the only service you will need to design, publish and host your online website and store. Furhtermore, you can utilize our expertise in online marketing to increase your website traffic. Online Managers also has expert staff ready to provide your customers with 24-7 customer support to any inquiries or problems they may have with your website, business, and/ or product. Setting up and managing your online presence has never been easier, you can do it right from your computer. The best part, its FREE!

Go online and sell your goods and services to the world. Online managers can help get you there with e-commerce portals designed to make the most of what you have to offer.

Stock your online store with 100 items, 1,000 items, or more, depending on the price plan you select. Add more, on a per-item basis, for a small annual fee.

We even offer you two different ways to bring your goods and services to market – on your own or with an online business partner. Entrepreneurs looking to retain sole control of their domain name can hire Online Managers to set up and configure their own internet-based store.

For people who want a business partner to get the ball rolling, Online Managers will help share the costs for a smaller monthly fee and a percentage of the site’s monthly sales.

Online Managers also offers customer support, web site promotion, and warehouse and distribution services to help make the most of your business venture.

  Bronze Silver Gold Gold Plus Gold Global
Maximum number of products included 100 500 1000 1000 1000
Additional charge/product/year $5 $5 $5 $5 $5
Price if OM shares domain name/month 15% $349+15% $699+15% $1099+15% $1499+15%
Price if customer owns domain name/month $99 $850 $1299 $2200 $2899
How to Proceed

Call us on 703-652-6327 (0926 ePlaza) - USA or 416-628-8169 (6179 ePlaza) - Canada.

Our customer support representative will call you back with the list of information we need and necessary paper work to open your account with us.
We will need the following:

  • Signed contract for our services
  • Your business details like name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • Your product details, including the name, product description, images, any product introductory audios or videos.
  • Shipping information. The shopping cart automatically calculates shipping costs based on the location of the products in the United States or Canada and the customer’s address.
  • Once we’ve received the information, our customer support person will call you, run through any additional details that may be required to configure your online shopping mall at www.eplaza.us.
  • Your shopping cart will be operational within 10 days of receiving all of the necessary information.
Let's get started

Register your company now to set up your e-commerce website or call us on 703-652-6327 (0926 ePlaza) - USA or 416-628-8169 (6179 ePlaza) – Canada. Alternately, send an email to support@onlinemanagers.com.